freedomRail Garage Hardware

  • Garage Touch-Up Paint Garage Touch-Up Paint

    Garage Touch-Up Paint


    Keep Garage Ventilated Shelves fresh and new with Organized Living Granite Gray Touch-Up Paint. Use it to hide any marks on Garage Ventilated Shelves that may have occurred during installation or through everyday wear and tear.  Bottle contains .6...

  • Garage Ventilated End Caps

    Garage Ventilated End Caps


    The Organized Living freedomRail Garage Ventilated End Caps are used to finish the end of a cut Garage Ventilated Shelf, giving your home storage solutions a clean and polished look. Available in Granite Gray.  Each package contains 3 sizes (small,...

  • Garage Upright Clip

    Garage Upright Clip


    Secure freedomRail Garage Uprights flush against a wall with Garage Upright Clips. The clips install quickly and keep the Upright tight against the wall. Ideal for use with designs where walls are not plumb or when most of the product weight is toward...

  • Screws and Anchors

    Screws and Anchors


    Organized Living freedomRail Screws and Strong Loc Anchors provide the ultimate support for your freedomRail storage system. These patented anchors twist behind the wall, maximizing the system's strength and stability. Easy installation. Each package...

  • Heavy-Duty Shelf Locators

    Heavy-Duty Shelf Locators


    The Organized Living freedomRail Heavy-Duty Shelf Locator creates a secure bond between your freedomRail Wood Shelf and Wood Bracket. Use when installing a freedomRail Desktop or in any high-traffic area. Works with Heavy-Duty Brackets. One set...